Самбірський фаховий медичний коледж

Комунальний заклад Львівської обласної ради

Information for Foreign Citizens

We are a well-known medical college in Ukraine (Europe), highly rated for our results in teaching and training students practical skills. We offer our students good education based on modern approaches to patient care, training and scope of practice. We teach the students to work collaboratively with physicians, patients and patients’ families as well as other team members focusing on treating illness to improve quality of life.

The college prepares specialists in nursing and pharmacy, and gives education to future nurses, physician’s assistants, midwives and pharmacists. The students can study in modern lecture rooms and master their practical skills in well-equipped specialized rooms. Senior students have also their practical training in hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacies.

Our students are active in their extra-curricular work. Many of them take part in different students’ scientific circles and do research work. Those who show the best results take part in regional and all-Ukrainian student conferences and competitions. Many students go in for different kinds of sports and show good results. Student council is active in making student life interesting and exciting.

Our students can get further education for bachelor degree in medical institutes and universities. Some of them study further in some European countries such as Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic etc. Some graduates nostrificate their diploma in North America and European countries.

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